09 Jun 2016
5 Things Which Can Ruin Your Carpet in No Time Explained by Professionals

If there is one thing that stands apart from all your home decorations, is your beautiful carpet. Carpet has this amazing charm, which can make a normal room turn onto an extraordinary one. With this amazing beauty comes an amazing duty as well. Maintaining your beautiful carpet is something you should not take lightly, which is why many people use products such as a robot vacuum to get rid of unwanted dirt that builds up on their carpet.

Carpets demand some great care and maintenance to keep looking beautiful throughout the year. This is why you may want to give a slough carpet cleaning service a call. Apart from this, there are a lot of precautions to be taken while using them as careless and irresponsible behavior can seriously damage your carpets.

Things Which Ruin a Carpet & Its Beauty

  1. Scrubbing a Stain Over & Again
  2. It is very natural for someone to quickly rub off something which falls on something important as a carpet. This natural temptation to save your carpet might prove costly at times, if not handled properly. Rubbish a satin over & over gain will not make it go away but damage the carpet surface instead. Also, this will cause the stain to contract even more. You can find helpful tips on how to restore your carpet by checking out viable sources for getting it cleaned online, always do your research first, as mentioned previously, you don’t want to make it worse.

  3. Applying Wrong Cleaning Solutions
  4. Every cleaning solution is specially designed for some specific surface or object. Using them for different purposes can greatly damage the object being applied to. For example chemicals used for wood cleaning cannot be used for textile fibers as they can damage it to a great extent. One should always use the relevant cleaning solution to fix the issue. To be safe, you could hire a company like ServiceMaster of Lake Shore to professionally clean your carpets.

  5. Using Outdoor Footwear Inside
  6. There are a lot of people out there who have a very good habit of using different footwear for indoor and outdoors. This good habit is actually very good as it prevents any kind of dust, debris and other waste to come inside the house. Using outdoor footwear on your carpet will leave it exposed to a lot of dust, debris and other harmful things which can hamper its surface greatly.

  7. Dragging Furniture on Carpet Surface
  8. Furniture is something which keeps on getting new locations on regular basis. Nothing is wrong with that but one should realize the importance of safely shifting furniture. Dragging furniture through the carpet surface will tear off the carpet in no time, making you keep wondering what went wrong. Try lifting the furniture instead to be on the safer side!

  9. Let Your Pet Treat Your Carpet Like a Toilet
  10. Your pet has no idea about the carpet and its beauty. It is just a piece of hard clothing for your pets, which they think they can use it as they like to.The worst thing a pet does to your carpet is by designing it with its waste. Urine and feces from your pets can damage your carpet in a way that you would consider getting it replaced only!

Need Some Professional Help?

If your are facing such problems regarding your carpet, fell free to contact Torontonian Flooring. Our expert professionals know exactly how to fix these carpet issues and give you back your beautiful carpet as it was always. Call us for a free quote on our services or to book an appointment!