29 Jun 2017

Planning To Add A Stair Runner- 3 Benefits You'll Enjoy.

Nowadays, people are quite concerned about beautifying their home and exteriors by installing luxury carpets, fences, decks and many other additions. In the growing pace of owning a unique home, homeowners often forget to concentrate on the stairs that are one of the first things that visitors notice while entering your home. To improve the interior looks of your property, patterned carpet and stair runner installation plays a great role. There are a lot more benefits that can be enjoyed by installing a luxury stair runner on your old or worn out staircases.

Some reasons to consider adding a stair runner are:

  1. It Adds Style & Beauty

    With a stair runner, one can turn their old and boring stairs into attractive ones. Since these runners are laid over the stairs they are responsible for covering all the cracks, damages and other wear-tear signs. Modern stair runners are available in a wide range of colors, designs, patterns and prints. With so many styles to choose from, a homeowner can select one that complements his home style.

  2. It Protects Your Stairs
    Stairs are among the common home elements that receive a lot of wear and tear as they get a lot of traffic. To prevent them from losing their grace and beauty, stair runners can help a lot. They protect your staircase against cracks, scratches and dents. A professionally and properly installed stair runner with dense padding can enhance the comfort of climbing the stairs.
  3. It Prevents Slipping
    The major risk associated with stairs is slip and fall accidents that may occur due to the carelessness of the climber or a damaged stair. Whatever be the reason behind it, stair runners are the perfect solution to prevent such accidents. These runners can immediately soak up any water or moisture on the stair, thereby preventing a slipping incident. They can be installed all floor materials including wood, laminate, vinyl or tile.

These are some reasons that point towards the benefits of installing a stair runner inside your home. If you are looking for an expert carpet installation company in Toronto to install carpets or stair runners, feel free to consult our professionals at Torontonian Flooring.