24 May 2019

4 Signs That Your Existing Carpet Needs To Be Replaced

A stair runner is a type of carpet that is used to cover the stair and typically installed over hardwood and tiled stairs. The main reason to add stair runner is safety to the wooden and tiled stairs as these are slippery.

Other reasons to add carpet runner is adding a style and create the beautiful interior of your home or office. Here, you will know everything about the stair runners that can help you to buy the right kind of carpet runner.

Types Of Stair Runner

  • Pre-made runner
  • Custom-made runner

Stair Runner Size

Stair SizeStair Runner’s Width
Up To 3’ Wide Stairs27” Runner Width
Wider Stair About 4’ To 5’32” To 33” Runner Width

Types of Pattern

  • Pre-Made Pattern: When choosing the patterned runners for your staircase, make sure to select the pattern that will work on the stair. Some designs look good over the long and flat surfaces but don’t look right over the curved stair. For the straight staircase, choose the precise pattern like diamond, square and geometric design. On the other hand, the floral designs are mostly found in oriental rugs, and these do not require as precision as the geometric to create a finished look.
  • Custom Runners: If you are one among them who does not prefer the pattern on the runner, you can go with custom runners made out of broadloom are best to you. This type of runners can be cut to the exact specification and finished.

The carpet requires underpad that helps them to raise their height. They adequately support the runner so that it can’t flex last for a longer time.

If you want to know more or planning for stair runner installation in the GTA, reach us at Torontorian Flooring. We supply and install stair runners in residential and commercial premises.